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What is Corona and the 1400 presidential election; Scenarios and strategic considerations?

Although several factors, individually and networked, influence the decision of eligible candidates to participate in the election, but in the editorial of this issue of Futures Studies Letter citing one of the projects carried out in this institute, focusing on the variable of Covid-19, It deals with the relationship between corona scenarios and the decision of voters to participate or not. To this end, by asking the question how and by what mechanisms can reduce the impact of this specific variable (corona) in the decision for eligible participation and even use it as an opportunity to marginalize other factors?!; Referring to the enumerated scenarios, strategic considerations are provided for the policy maker. The results show that the relatively favorable scenarios of Corona will not have much effect on the participation rate until June 1400, but the occurrence of unfavorable corona scenarios similar to the situation of November or December 99, certainly has a high weight in reducing the participation rate!! For this reason, it was clarified that from now on, the issue of “Corona elections” should be a new chapter and a serious agenda of the Corona National Headquarters..

عکس مقاله رقابت و برخورد منافع روسیه و ترکیه در حوزه قفقاز جنوبی
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United States and the Redefining of the Middle East: The Challenge of Reducing Presence and Continuing Influence

Despite the importance of the Middle East to the United States during the Cold War, as well as the maximum interventionism in this area during the Bush Jr. era, since the presidency of Obama, the logic of the importance and presence of Washington in the Middle East has faced many questions and doubts and the recent presidents in the White House have criticized the maximum presence and intervention in the region. Given this important point, the present article, while examining the theoretical and analytical contexts of the US presence and role in the Middle East and explaining US policies and actions in this field in recent decades, emphasizes that the emergence of domestic challenges in the US on the one hand and the emergence of China as a rival to the United States, has shifted the White House’s international priorities and sought to reduce its responsibilities and spending in the Middle East. However, the United States’ need to maintain influence in the Middle East has challenged the declining presence.